How to download udemy courses on your computer

udemy is great! you can find any type of courses you like! but one thing that is missing from the web version of udemy is to download courses locally, but there is a way to overcome this.

This article will cover how to do this on Fedora Linux but i am sure that you can find your way using Mac, windows or another Linux distribution.

  1. Install git
$ sudo yum install git

2. Clone udemy-dl on your computer

$ git clone

3. Install missing Python libraries

You need now to go into the udemy-dl directory using terminal and run the following, this will install any missing python libraries

$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Get your udemy cookie

Here is a tricky part, you need to login to udemy using a web browser and get the value of a cookie named ‘access_token’ and store it in a text file, note that cookies eventually will expire server side, so you will need to do step 3 occasionally when you get authorization errors.

  • Using chrome login udemy and open ‘developer tools’
  • Click on Application
  • Click on Cookies ->
  • Search for a token named ‘access_token’
  • Copy the value of the cookie and save it in a file named cookies.txt with the bellow format in the same directory as udemy-dl

4. Download a course

To download a course you need:

  • -u: the email you use to login udemy
  • -k: The cookie file created on step 3
  • -q: The resolution of the downloaded videos, its optional but i prefer ‘720’
$ python ./ -u COURSE_URL-k cookies.txt -q 720

If everything gone well you will start seeing the course material downloading, enjoy!

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